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Kraków Technology Park – more than just creative environment

Kraków Technology Park

Kraków Technology Park – more than just creative environment

Kraków Technology Park

A special economic zone, technology incubator, seed fund, investor one-stop-shop, clusters, multimedia labs, research projects: these are the tools that let the Kraków Technology Park (KTP) support the development of Małopolska’s modern economy. In 2015, we also launched one of the most modern technology parks in Małopolska, designed for the ICT sector. We are a specialised institution operating in business environment.

We have developed an array of support for businesses at all stages of development. Every year more than 1500 enterprises take advantage of our proposals and we actively react to the changing expectations of our clients. We understand what business needs.

Kraków Special Economic Zone

Kraków Technology Park (KTP) is the company managing the Kraków special economic zone. Currently, the Kraków zone consists of 30 subzones situaated in the territory of 32 communes. It operates in three regions: Małopolska, Podkarpackie, and Świętokrzyskie, extending over 866.79 ha and catering for the needs of both production and service companies. They have at their disposal fully developed land for greenfield investments, situated in the three regions. In providing and developing these, we are assisted by the Business in Małopolska Centre, a one-stop shop service centre we set up with Małopolska Regional Development Agency, Małopolskie Parki Przemysłowe, and the Office of the Marshal of Małopolska Region. The businesses entering the Kraków zone may count on post-investment care, training and consultancy, and our package of technology park services. Our competitive edge over other zones results from the synergy between the offer of a technology park and the special economic zone.

The KTP Technology Incubator

We are the largest technology incubator in Kraków. We have supported young IT businesses since 2008, and have worked with over a hundred of them. Joining a large community of businesses operating in the same sector, businesses that find their way to our incubator can count on preferential rent and a quick start.


The Kraków Technology Park (KTP) is more than just infrastructure and creative environment. We provide the most innovative businesses with access to financial assets that let them develop products and services changing the world. Cooperating with capital investors, we set up investment vehicles that finance the development of innovative enterprises at the early, most risky stage of development. Operating currently at the KTP are the KTP Seed Fund and Innoventure.

The funds operating at the Kraków Technology Park invest money, yet their support goes far beyond pure capital. Understanding the extensive range of needs and requirements that a new, developing firm faces, they also provide support at the content, advisory, and business levels. We operate within an ecosystem that brings together concept owners, and weathered entrepreneurs and investors.


We at the KTP focus on the building of relationships and cooperation between businesses. We develop conditions for meetings and launching business contacts; organise events for large companies from the special economic zone, for small and medium-size enterprises, and also for the start-up community. The theme-based conferences we organise concern key aspects of business operation, including the acquisition of capital, innovation, new technologies, and enterprise support.

Let’s work together! www.kpt.krakow.pl

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